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YWJ250-II China Soft Gelatin Encapsulating Machine

YWJ250-II China Soft Gelatin Encapsulating Machine


Basic Info
Model No.: YWJ250-II

Additional Info

Packaging: export wooden case Brand: Trustar
Transportation: Ocean Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 20SETS/month Certificate: CE, ISO9001

Product Description
1. Machine description

A. Main machine for capsule making system
1) YWJ250-II softgel encapsulate(specially design for big production need)
Die Roll : Dia. 150 x W 250mm
2) stainless steel conveyor belt for YWJ250-II softgel encapsulate
3) Siemens PLC control system for YWJ250-II softgel encapsulate
4) Automatic pneumatic pressing die rolls’ system for YWJ250-II softgel capsules; SMC pneumatic parts
5) Gelatin film water cooling system for YWJ250-II softgel encapsulate; To make capsule film
6) Die roller Size: Dia. 150 x W 250mm
7) Thermal gelatin stock tank(200L) Stainless steel, automatic feeding, keep tempt. , PLC control
8) Medicine stock tanks (200L)Stainless steel, pneumatic automatic feeding, PLC control

B. Forming and Drying System:
Drying tumbler for gelatin shaping (8 sections per group)
tumbler size: D 523xL620 mm

C. Final drying System:
Drying trolley and drying trays, 30 trolley and 900 trays(30 trays/trolley)

D. Gelatin Melting System:
1) HJG-III, 800 Litre Water-bath gelatin melting tank
2) LNG-II serpentine vacuum condensed Tower

3) RSQ-II heating exchanger
4) 2BV-5110 Water-circulating vacuum pump
5) Hot water circulating pump

E. Medicine Preparing System
1) Raw material compounding tank (PLG-I), 300 L, Stainless steel

2) JTM80-I Colloidal Mill (for produce suspension soft capsule)

F: Net gelatin chopping System
1) WFJ-I Net gelatin recycler
2) LXJ-I-600 stainless steel centrifugal machine
2. Features

1) Water-bath Injector, the temperature fluctuated in +/-0.1℃, save 14% gelatin; improve 1.5% rate of finished products; and save the maintained cost and time.

2) Computer control the plunger pump, improve the precision of medicine injection volume, and save more medicine and material cost.
3) The holes of the left and right main axis are processed with extreme accuracy on the boring machine imported from Switzerland. Though the mould roll has been extended in length, can be keep high coaxial degree that guarantees the smooth seam and finished product rate of the softgel capsule.
4) Bigger cam drive plunger pump, can provide stronger to plunger pump. That make the machine can inject widely high viscosity of raw material, such as Suspension, Propolis (Bee glue), Soft phospholipids, Liquid calcium and Herbal suspension.
5) Friendly human-computer interface, easy to operated. The simulated running of machine. The data can be set via touch scream, and easy to realizes network monitoring, statistics and reports output. All electric parts use world brand parts, such as Siemens, Schneider.
6) The touch screen provides professional [ recipe” function that can save the production parameters and recall them by one key.
7) The micro-lubrication device, can be adjust lubrication volume in fine volume, save cost.
8) Pneumatic clamping system makes capsule filling process more simple and reliable.
9) Motor hoisting injector can be fine located position as requirement, and reduce the workload of operator.
10) Speed of each gelatin film drum and main axis can be adjusted respectively by respectively inverter; that is controlled by operator according to actually requirement.
11) The opening of gelatin box is controlled accurately, the gauge showed gelatin film thickness. Easy to control the thickness.
12) Automatic controlled water-cooling system is adopted for the cooling of gelatin film, which is more safety and more reliable.
13) Air-cooling system is adopted at the output of softgel capsule, that make softgel capsule more beautiful.
14) Insulation hopper, can keep medicine temperature steady, more suit to fill suspension into the softgel capsules.

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