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DPP-120H Small Blister Packing Machine

DPP-120H Small Blister Packing Machine


DPP-120H multifunctional automatic blister packing machine, the machine is the company comprehensive domestic and foreign aluminum plastic packaging machine has the advantages of innovative design, my company a number of innovative technology is used in the key parts, the contact part of the drug and the stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy material production, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, health care products industry packing element piece, sugar coated tablets, capsules also packaging small food and metal parts, electronic components. The machine set coil uncoiling, aluminum (AL) feeding, blister forming, filling, waste recycling, heat sealing, print a batch number, reticulate indentation, edition piece rushed cut, display finished counting and ten functions in one, goods packaging sealing good, safe and sanitary.

Performance characteristics
1.variable frequency stepless speed regulation;
2.stroke adjustable, adjustable range of 30-100mm, convenient adjustment, accurate synchronization;
3.plate mold, positive pressure molding, batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum foil / aluminum automatic discharge;
4.The configuration of a set of universal feeder, the filling rate up to 99.5%, the feeder can be with a cleaner interface to eliminate excessive feeding in the formation of dust problem;
5.the heat loss of the heater is reduced to a minimum by the use of the version of the plate, and the temperature of the heater is greatly reduced;
6.the machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on.


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